Friday, April 20, 2007

(Don't) Hang The DJ

Saw a nice piece from the Las Vegas Review-Journal (half Review! half Journal!) about former Dodger pitcher DJ Houlton, who has brought a positive outlook to his current stint with the Las Vegas 51's.

In case anyone important had forgotten about him, 51s right-hander D.J. Houlton is throwing out a reminder that he's still around and would welcome some attention again.

Houlton passed out his business card Tuesday night at Cashman Field, and it read: Former major league pitcher with positive attitude, call anytime.

"I knew I had to change something in the offseason, mainly my attitude," he said. "I'm happy right now and I'm in a good state of mind."...

Drinking a bottle of Corona after the game, Houlton showed no sign of a bitter beer face Tuesday.

"I was just frustrated not going up and not getting a chance last year," he said. "I kind of had a bad attitude. It was tough to come here and I was struggling, and it all snowballed on me.

"I tried to come in here with a positive attitude, and it's working for me."

Yikes, a bottle of Corona? No wonder we're keeping him down in Vegas; up here he'd be hanging out with Joe Beimel.

But seriously, we've got no problem with Houlton, even with his 5.16 ERA and 6-9 record from 2005. I'm glad he is investing the time to get himself back up with the Dodgers, and it sounds like things are going well. We at SoSG are not trying to hang the DJ. Heaven knows I'm miserable now thinking that DJ, this charming man, has been fighting depression and self-doubt. Our bigmouth strikes again, I suppose (we can get a little critical over here). But don't panic, DJ, we just ask that you keep your hand in glove, and make sure that when you leave each appearance you can't say to yourself, "I started something I couldn't finish." There's a light that never goes out for you, DJ, in every Dodger fan's heart.

I know, I know. That joke isn't funny anymore. I'll stop now, and go tend to my girlfriend in a coma. I know, I know. It's serious.


Anonymous said...

Well done, well done.

Steve Sax said...

Is it really so strange that I keep doing these posts? I think not.

Thanks morrissey, and keep smiling.