Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Post-Game 8 Thread: April 10 vs. Rockies



  • Brett Tomko: 6.0 IP, 1 H, 9 K's, robbed of a win. We salute you, Brett Tomko. You're an artist, you're married to a Playboy centerfold, and you pitched like an ace tonight.
  • Russell Martin: 2 for 3, stole a base, threw a runner out at second (his fourth CS out of six tries this season), helped turn a 1-2-3 DP, drove in the game-winning run with a sacrifice fly. This is the guy who deserves to be married to a centerfold.
  • Chad Billingsley: Still rusty? It's Game 8!
  • Takashi Saito: 2 K's, 1 ground-ball out. Good to see some strikeouts, even if that last backwards K was questionable.
  • Luis Gonzalez: Leads the team in HR's (2) and heart attacks induced in viewing audience.
  • Wilson Betemit: We were expecting some pop and bad D, and we're getting no pop and solid D. Hitting .062 for the season but has drawn some clutch walks.
  • Juan Pierre, Nomar Garciaparra, Andre Ethier: Collectively hitting below .200.

Surprise surprise, it's all pitching and no power so far this season. Yet, we're 5-3 and Rafael Furcal has yet to return. A win tomorrow would give the Dodgers a series win as well as some momentum going into the weekend series against the Padres.


An update on Matt Kemp's condition from Ken Gurnick at Dodgers.com:

Dodgers outfielder Matt Kemp suffered a mild separation of his right shoulder when he slammed into the right-field fence Monday and was placed on the 15-day disabled list Tuesday....

Manager Grady Little said Grade I separations -- the mildest of six classifications, meaning the ligaments are strained but not torn -- take from seven to 14 days recovery, although because the injury is to Kemp's throwing shoulder, that could mean longer.


Steve Sax said...

Boy, Russell Martin and Takashi Saito were awesome today. Glad to see that Juan Pierre and Nomar did some stat padding. And I hope Gonzo gets some insole padding as he's going to have to run a lot better than that to make a play.

Anonymous said...

I was wincing when I saw Kemp's injury. Thank goodness it was a relatively mild Type I. Mine was a Type III, which is right on the borderline between physical therapy and surgery. Here I am over two months later, and I'm still not close to 100%.

cigarcow said...

Tomko's wife is really a playboy centerfold? When did this happen and why didn't Vinny mention it?

Steve Sax said...

Vinny may be more of a Penthouse guy?