Monday, April 30, 2007

Giants Bloggers' Demonstrate Enthusiasm

Jon Weisman posted an interesting piece on about how Giants bloggers are taking their team's recent ascent in the standings (boosted by a sweep of ours truly), followed by dropping three straight over the weekend:

Many bloggers bridge the fan and analyst universe and are therefore torn when it comes to dealing with unexpected success. Surveying the Giants blogs, you could see the collective internal struggle.

In the midst of the streak, Only Baseball Matters allowed itself to exult: "That was some smokin' hot homestand," John J. Perricone wrote. "I'm talking about a season-changing, critic-swaying, bandwagon-building homestand. Damn!"...

By the time we make it to Orange and Black Baseball, the verdict seems to be in. The Giants are having a great run, but it doesn't change the future.

"It's easy to get caught up in the wins," Daniel Smith wrote, "and easy to think that the starters are indeed this good and Bonds can indeed keep this pace up to an NL West title after that many wins in a row. But more the fools us, if we believe it will keep up like this.

I suppose every team's blogs look something like this as the team careens up and down the standings. But I've gotta think that, as Bonds becomes less of an offensive threat (either because he fades, his knees finally give out, or teams just pitch around him), the pressure on the starters and flimsy bullpen gives way. But hey, I'm not biased.