Saturday, April 28, 2007

Power Rankings!

The folks at have released their latest Power Rankings. If anyone knows what Power Rankings are good for, please let us know.

6. Dodgers
Closer Takashi Saito (0.93 ERA, .176 BAA) is money, but he hasn't had a save opportunity since April 17.

10. Giants
Since moving to cleanup, Barry Bonds is hitting .429 (15-for-35) with six HRs -- and the Giants look unbeatable.

11. Padres
Adrian Gonzalez carries a big stick. The first baseman is second in the NL in home runs (seven) and RBIs (23).

16. Diamondbacks
Time to start believing? These youthful Diamondbacks have talent and heart.

26. Rockies
Just two NL teams -- the Marlins (5.05) and Nationals (5.00) -- have worse ERAs than the Rockies (4.29).

Maybe someone in the research department doesn't like the Diamondbacks? "Youthful, talent, heart...screw the numbers. That's good enough."


Steve Sax said...

Lucky? Yes. "Unbeatable"? No way.

Giants will fade.

Unknown said...

Power rankings are useful for sports bloggers who are searching for material to generate posts from.

Orel said...

Nice one.

You should see us during the off-season—every trade rumor becomes a screaming headline.

Steve Sax said...

At least we don't end our sentences using prepositions with.