Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alex Cora Can't Even Win This Contest

True Blue LA's current poll is "Who was the worst shortstop in LA Dodger history?

Strangely, Alex Cora is only fourth, behind the runaway lead of Jose Offerman (whom I remember a friend once described as "That's 'Offerman,' with two F's and 47 E's"). How Cora isn't at least placing in the top three is beyond me.

The idiot who voted for Rafael Furcal, by the way, should be shot.


Alex Cora said...

Hey, where is the LOVE? BTW, I played second base too - best defensive duo in baseball when I played with Cesear Izturis.

Steve Sax said...

Pizza pizza.

cigarcow said...

One of my favorite Dodger memories was being at the stadium during a 7-error team performance. I think Offerman was charged with 4 of them himself, but was probably responsible for all of them somehow. Man, that guy could error. Rob Neyer calls him the worst defensive shortsop of all time, and who can argue? He was the Juan Pierre of the infield.