Wednesday, April 18, 2007

When Playoff Ticket Plans Go Bad

So remember last year, at the end of the 2006 season, when the Dodgers were in the playoffs against the Mets? (If you don't remember, it's probably because you either blinked and you missed it due to another three-and-out performance, or it's because you've consciously blocked it from your memory banks due to Rich Donnelly's ridiculous decision to send home Jeff Kent and JD Drew on the same play only to get them both tagged out at the plate by former Dodger Paul Lo Duca. But I digress.)

Thinking myself clever, in advance of the series, I entered the lottery for NLDS playoff tickets through the Mets' website, for Games 3 and 4 (to be played in Los Angeles). The thinking at the time was that fewer Mets fans would desire this out-of-town game, and I might pick up a pair of seats on the fly.

Needless to say, I did not win the lottery. And then, six months later, insult was added to injury when I received this bit of personally-addressed snail mail from the Mets:

Dear Mets Fan:

Thank you for your support of the Mets. We believe our emergence last year as Division Champions marked the start of a special era for our franchise and our fans. As the mets captured the National league East title with an MLB-best 97 victories, Shea Stadium again became the place to be, with a record 3.5 million fans joining in the excitement and celebration.

With an All-Star lineup featuring Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Carlos Delgado, Paul Lo Duca, and Moises Alou, we look forward to more great thrills, excitement and celebrations at Shea in 2007. make sure you are part of the action!...

On behalf of the entire Mets organization -- Ownership, General Manager Omar Minaya, Manager Willie Randolph, our players and staff -- thank you for being part of our team. We look forward to seeing you at Shea in 2007!


Wililam Ianniciello
Vice President, Ticket Sales and Services

No, I do not know why "Fan" in "Mets Fan" is capitalized, nor do I know why "Ownership" is capitalized as well. I do know, however, that the memory of the Mets' sweep over the Dodgers still stings. The letter also came wtih a fine Mets 2007 wallet schedule. Thanks for the salt in the wound, William!

I'll be ready come June 11-13. Let's hope Rich Donnelly is ready this time, too.

UPDATE 1.34p: First person to email to SoSG (our email address on sidebar) gets the Mets wallet schedule. Offer available in the US only. Leave me your snail mail address and I'll even spot you the postage.


Alex Cora said...

Well, it looks like Rich Donnelly is up to his old tricks. Anyone see him send Nomar on that basehit to left? Nomar hadn't even rounded 3rd before the Byrnes threw the ball. Amazing.

Steve Sax said...

Jon Weisman over at Dodger Thoughts dedicated a whole post to Donnelly's incompetence. I didn't see it, so I'll hold my tongue, but the next time I see Donnelly's idiocy we will post accordingly.