Monday, April 23, 2007

AvB Update 3: Our Nation's Floundering Fathers

History has shown that George Washington, John Adams, and the rest of our nation's founding fathers did a pretty good job drafting the Constitution. As Abes vs Babes enters its 4th week however, historians are coming to the difficult realization that they were a one-trick pony. Not only are the Men in Wigs getting smeared by the Hotties, 7 categories to 1, but they have lost all three individual weeks so far. And none of them have been close.

Believe it or not, my pity for the old white guys is starting to outweigh my weakness for the hot airbrushed chicks. I've thus been brainstorming ways to help out The Abes. But before any drastic action is taken, let's see how they fare this week, as at least the Diamondbacks are doing what they can to level the playing field.

As for this week's Player of the Week award, the honor goes to the Marlin's Anibal Sanchez (1 W, 2.70 ERA, 9k's for the week). Let's all thanks Anibal for giving us an excuse to post a photo of former Miss Puerto Rico and Maxim Girl #71 Roselyn Sanchez.

Here's the Week 3 scoreboard in all its one-sidedness:

The Abes The Babes
Avg 0.239 0.268
Runs 61 63
HRs 8 11
RBIs 51 57
SBs 6 12
ERA 4.41 4.42
Wins 2 7
Saves 0 0
Ks 52 92
Total 1 7


Steve Sax said...

Oh yeah, well the founding fathers have this to say to you: E R A, baybee! (if only by one hundredth of a point)

Orel said...

Wow, the Babes have +40 strikeouts—just like me on the dating scene!

Steve Sax said...

Hey EK, which Abe accounts for the majority of strikeouts? I'd be surprised if it's a Kennedy (given the women with which he was associated).

Eric Karros said...

Kennedy is 2nd. Abes strikeout leaders through Sunday's games: Dave Bush, 22; Joe Kennedy, 11; Edwin Jackson, 9.

If one of them could get a save it would be huge.