Thursday, April 26, 2007

Getting Swept by the Giants Sucks, But At Least We're Not the Yankees

Blue Jays drub Hughes as Yankees lose sixth straight (AP/


Rob said...

Everybody keeps waiting for that late-60's return to corporate ownership once S.S. Steinbrenner sails into the sunset. They also keep waiting for a return to the post-'81 delirium that marked a long title drought for the Yanks. I don't think either will happen in the sense that that Yanks will continue to be a reasonably good team. This is in part because Brian Cashman has really identified the problems the Yankees have and has done something about it (i.e., nothing in the farm system).

But Phil Hughes really needs to spend a whole year at AAA.

Steve Sax said...

Maybe we can do a straight up A-Rod for Pierre trade.