Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nomar Wuvs Gonzo

From "Nomar, Gonzo share on and off the field: Dodgers' veteran duo similar in family, background, talent" by Jesse Sanchez at Dodgers.com:

[Luis] Gonzalez and [Nomar] Garciaparra sometimes eat lunch and dinner together on the road. They ride to and from the park together on occasion when at home. They talk about their kids and they talk baseball. The words and phrases they use to describe each other are almost identical and can be interchanged.

"I always loved the way he played."

"You admire and respect a person who plays hard every day."

"He's a fun guy, and I enjoy being around him."

The words from Garciaparra and Gonzalez are sincere, but they say them with such a devilish smile and facial expression -- and usually shaking their heads -- they seem more like Little League pals than big-league comrades.

You see? This is the kind of hard-hitting reporting I expect from a website officially sanctioned by Major League Baseball.

For instance, take this scathing quote from Nomar about his parents:

"Gosh darn, let me think," he said. "They are just great people. I will be an amazing parent if I can be half the parents they are. I appreciate what they did for us and all the sacrifices they made. I love my family. I owe them everything."

Did he really say that? No he dint! If that isn't "edgy," I don't know what is.

Oh, correction:

This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

More risk-taking by Dodgers.com!


Alex Cora said...

Is it officially "dint" or is it "di'int" or "d'int"? Hmm...

Orel said...

No he Dinty Moore!

Steve Sax said...

Congratulations, Orel, on the 1000th post.