Monday, April 23, 2007

SI Power Rankings Slot Dodgers at #3

The Dodgers climb two spots to #3 in's weekly power rankings:

Los Angeles Dodgers
I hear catcher Russell Martin, who beat the Pirates with a walkoff grand slam Friday night in L.A., ought to be mentioned with Brian McCann and Joe Mauer in the "best young catcher" conversation. Well, now he has been. Just don't expect me to unfurl his whole name every time he's mentioned. OK. Just this once. Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin.

Russell, as long as you keep hitting walk-off grand slams (or "WOGS," as Orel calls them), we'll overtake the Braves and Red Sox for #1.

P.S., it was Saturday night, but who's counting?


Damon said...

The redsox do not impress me

Damon said...

I guess I should backup my opinion. Their pen is pretty shitty other than Paps and their starting pitching while good is overrated

Anonymous said...

Dodgers #3? Talk about overrated.