Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Keith Law Reads SoSG

...and even more impressive, he answers with an email to us. As context, SoSG had mentioned Keith Law and Rob Neyer as examples of ESPN's unyielding east-coast bias, as both columnists regularly fail to answer questions regarding NL/AL West teams. Said SoSG, "We'll see if Keith Law this afternoon remembers the left coast any more than Neyer did."

To which Law replied via email:

"Can't speak for Rob, but the vast majority of the chat questions I get are about teams in the East and Central divisions, which is almost certainly because I chat at 1 pm. If I did later chats, I'd probably get more west coast questions.

"FWIW, I actually lived in Seattle, and would move there in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the fact that my daughter would then never see her grandparents. --Keith

A cursory glance of his most recent chat (4.5.07) displayed 16 NL/AL West questions out of 88 total questions--or 18% (and that includes one question asking about Seattle restaurants). Since NL/AL West teams comprise 30% of the total MLB teams, this seems like he continues to under-represent West in his answers. This may be demand-driven--but I can tell from the times in which I'm furiously submitting questions, it's not.

We do appreciate Keith taking the time out to email, as well as the fact that he must regularly google his name. But come on, Keith, don't forget the West Coast!!!

He did have this to say about the Dodgers in his latest chat:

Jesse (Los Angeles, CA): Please tell me the Dodgers would not consider trading James Loney? How can they get him in the line up?

KL: Just wait a few minutes for Nomar to get hurt again. Keeping him was almost as bad a move as signing Pierre. OK, not almost - nothing's that bad.

Andrew (LA): Is there a chance at all that the dodgers could trade pierre, i know hes got a ridiculous contract, but could they trade pierre and have kemp start in center and loney in left,(until nomar gets hurt) and have gonzo on the bench as insurance in case kemp or loney doesnt perform?

KL: No, they can't do that - it would make them better.

Tony (NH): Keith, Pierre is rough, but doesnt he have the 2nd most hits in MLB since 2000?

KL: That's the product of playing every day, hitting leadoff, and drawing a walk once every three weeks. It's not indicative of anything.

Matt (Cortland, NY): If the Dodgers had signed Hachover, would their combination of Elbert, Kershaw and Hachover been better than the now disbanded DVD Trio?

KL: Yes, and don't forget, the Dodgers had a deal with Hochevar, and the kid backed out.

Since Law squished in two late questions on the Dodgers (#86 and 87), I'm assuming he is at least mindful of his bias. So ask away, SoSG fans...


Lasorda said...

Even better, we should invite Keith to chat with the Sons and our readers. That way, he can get to know our readers - - and our readers might actually have a shot at getting a question answered by an Official East Coast Media Guy.

Rob said...

Neyer, an east coast bias? He's always been biased in favor of Oakland so far as I know... the chat time may have something to do with the number of NL/AL East questions...