Monday, April 16, 2007

Sharpton Enraged at the Jackie Robinson Day Postponements

On a day that was slated to honor the achievements of Jackie Robinson, a third of the MLB could wear number 42 only back at the hotel bar. A half dozen games were postponed due to inclement weather... or were they? According to Don Imus's B.F.F. Al Sharpton, the Major League owes the Robinson family an apology.

Finally, the entire league wears 42, as they should in every inning of every game, and what happens? Games canceled left and right, up and down for "Rain," "Snow," and "Sleet." Please. I was in California, and I didn't see any! This never would have happened during Jeff Kent day! In New York, David Wright's bobblehead giveaway fell during a plague of locusts, and that game went eight innings. Or how about The Natural? There's a monsoon, and Roy Hobbs still get his chance to hit the game winning triple. Shoeless Joe and Pete Rose were never treated this disrespectfully. My coalition plans to sue Willard Scott, Bart Giamatti and his offspring, especially Paul (for taking the lead in Lady in the Water away from Jim Brown.)


Delino DeShields, Sr said...

had one of those typos before that causes you to type two totally wrong numbers more than once. Thanks to Yankees and macrame fan N. Sfairy for pointing out the mistake.