Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tony Jackson Is Not Fond of San Francisco

I don't think Tony Jackson is appreciating his weekend at the arch-rival Giants' turf. Today's post-game blog was especially hilarious, especially this part:

The Sippy Cups played a rendition of the national anthem that was almost unrecognizable. Not sure how the people out in the stands felt about it (didn't hear much booing or cheering), but suffice to say, it wasn't a hit in the press box.

First, what did you expect from a singing group called "The Sippy Cups" (I suppose AT&T Park couldn't book "The Baby Bottles" for today's gig). Second, the reason why you didn't hear a lot of booing or cheering is because there was no one in the stadium until the second inning, according to the many crowd shots that Fox's broadcast aired (it looked a lot like Tropicana Field's crowd size). This second point especially irked me since Fox made no mention of this, but of course would jump all over LA fans showing up late to a Dodger game. Unless there was a chardonnay-sipping event in the concourses, it was clear from today that SF fans are delinquents as well.

Jackson also lamented that he was going to pick up dinner at a greasy spoon somewhere. Assuming he is staying near the ballpark, we would have recommended Boulevard (great martinis) or Lulu's (excellent meats). Alas, he didn't ask....


Akit said...

Although I'm a Giants fan, I think we can both agree that the Sippy Cups sucked.

I wanted to vomit when they were singing songs during the pre-game, and thanks to the park management for not playing that crap in the speakers in the Field Club vendors area.

Did you boo too when they were introduced during the 7th Inning Stretch?

Read more about my new hatred of the Sippy Cups on my blog: