Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Miller Park Thoughts 4/4/07

The Sons of Steve Garvey are 1 for 1 in Dodger games this year. Not bad. It was a hell of a drive, but my friend and I made it with an hour before game-time. First thing to do was get a brat, make that two, beer (What? Only Miller beer, that’s strange), and a Pepsi (you are the designated driver tonight right, no wait, you are…hmmmm). We got seats behind the dodger dugout, 6 rows up, and took in the atmosphere. Here are my observations:

Miller Park is a nice stadium. Outside, it must have been 15 below with the wind chill, so they closed the roof. It is strange to be playing ball indoors when you are so used to the sunny skies of LA. Got to see the second team take BP – Kemp was pounding the ball. There was a good handful of Dodger fans around, so I felt proud wearing my LA hat. Go Blue!

Blew through the brats and filled the belly. Now for some patrol. Went down the third base line to see some of the players up close. Nomar, Pierre, and Martinez were stretching and coming off the field, when Nomar stopped to sign a ball. Too bad I couldn’t read it. What a nice guy as none of the other Dodger players stopped. Went back to the seats, listened to the national anthem, then PLAY BALL!

Taking note from Tony Jackson’s blog, I looked up to the window and took these pics, during the bottom of the 1st, 3rd, and 6th inning. If Gonzalez dropped any ball after the 3rd inning, don’t blame the window, especially during a night game.

We already talked about the game during the thread (great comments!!!), but around the game, there were some classic sounds. First, the Miller Park organist (or pianist, but I was trying to keep it clean) was HORRIBLE. All they played was this electronic crap that made me feel like I was at the Disney electric parade. Nancy Bea Hefley kicks the snot out of the Brewers people, no question. Second, when Gonzo was up to bat, the left field crowd would chant “GON-ZO, GON-ZO….YOU SUCK” in unison. Was pretty funny and takes me back to the “BARR-Y BARR-Y” chants at Dodger Stadium. However, they continued to chant when he got on to load the bases and then eventually move to second during the big Dodger rally. Hey, guys, he is on base and going 2-for-3, stop chanting, it ain’t working. Third, Polish Sausage won by a hair over Hot Dog. I lost 20 bucks to my friend – damn that Chorizo. Well, at least the Dodgers won. Finally, the scoreboard at Miller Park is nice, but they need to make it bigger (thanks for my friend for pointing this out during the game). They spelled Nomar’s last name “GARC’PARRA” and that only discriminates against all long last-named people.

We put down 2 brats, 2 veggie dogs (which took them 10 minutes to prepare, I think they were the very first veggie dogs sold at Miller Park this year), beer, Pepsi, Sierra Mist, nachos, and cheese fries.

It all felt like it was coming up in the bottom of the ninth with Fielder on second and no outs, but Saito not only saved the day, he also saved the person in the next row from me hurling all over her if they scored. Overall, Miller Park is a good, clean and friendly stadium, with some pretty cheap seats and great food. With the Dodgers' win and the Sons of Steve Garvey record of 1 for 1 this year, the drive home was even better. GO BLUE!!!


Pedro Guerrero said...

"No-mah...Hit the ball already!" I kid I kid...We'll let Loney stay in the minors another 2 games because he signed your balls.

Steve Sax said...

Hey Pedro, keep it clean!

Alex Cora said...

What did you say about my balls?

Steve Sax said...

It should be noted that Alex's pose is exactly the same as Homer's pose in the post below.

Alex Cora said...


Steve Sax said...

Seriously, this is a great post AC. Thanks.

I hope to be as attentive during Opening Day (4/9). Guess I'd better pace myself on the brews.

Orel said...

Great pictures, great post!

Steve Sax said...

By the way, how were thosew veggie dogs, alex? And why the hell would you want to try them in the first place, when you're there at the home of the bratwurst?!