Wednesday, February 07, 2007

If I Can Only...Wait...Nine More Days...

According to, Dodgers pitchers and catchers report to spring training eight days, 17 hours from now. Whoo hoo!

And while we're on the topic, I never understood why DC's heroes would always feel compelled to mutter their intentions when they were caught in a devious trap, seconds from death or dismemberment. (This held true for both Batman in the 1966 series, as well as Superman throughout most of the Super Friends cartoons, whenever he was weakened by kryptonite.) When I get caught in a bad situation, my first instinct is to expend all possible energy getting out of that situation, whether it's surrounded by molten lava, stunned by a poisonous element, or caught on a bad blind date. I don't need to waste any more energy telling anyone else what I'm doing (and in the case of the bad date, it doesn't work too well).

I never recall Marvel's heroes having this gabbiness-under-pressure affliction, but maybe I'm just biased toward the superior universe. I don't know.