Thursday, February 22, 2007

Times' Henson Exhausts Supply of "Space" Puns

From "Space oddity: Dodgers' prospect goes from LaRoche to La Roche" by Steve Henson of the L.A. Times:

VERO BEACH, FLA. — Andy La Roche wants a little space. Is that so wrong?

From now on, he said, his name should be spelled with a space before Roche, not as LaRoche, as the Dodgers have spelled it since he was drafted in 2003. The third baseman, a top prospect who probably will begin the season at triple A, quietly told clubhouse manager Mitch Poole, and it's written that way on his jersey and above his locker.

"There really should be a space there," he said. "That's the way it is supposed to be."

...The 2007 media guide will reflect the change — a fix was made in the final proofreading.

La Roche said his father's surname was Garcia. At age 7, Dave changed it to La Roche, the last name of his stepfather.

"La Roche is French, but I have no French in me," Andy La Roche said. "My grandfather was 100% Mexican."

Now who's going to go back and fix his Blogger label?