Monday, February 26, 2007

Episode VI: Return of the Lip Gloss Promotion

SoSG stands corrected! (Actually, a website can't technically stand, but you get the point.)

Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! May 13! The Dodgers are bringing back the Lip Gloss promotion in our game against the all-too-appropriate Reds (who, for this game, will be wearing their Creamy Deep Rose Blur Shade alternate Sunday day-game uniforms).

Even the sponsor, Smashbox Cosmetics, is hedging its bet--they gave away 50,000 items last year but this year are going with half as many. (I'm guessing the ROI on this promotion was pretty easy to determine, given the obvious poor demographic overlap.) They'd better not run out of Dodger Dogs over in the Olmedo Saenz Pavilion, or you can bet what giveaway is next on the menu for those fans.

Or, for that matter, what other battery-sized item would you give away to 25,000 crazy fans? Hmmm...there's a reason why the Philadelphia Eagles don't have a lipstick giveaway. If I were umpiring this game, I'd get my calls right.


Orel said...

But what are the odds that 25,000 female fans will want to throw something at Ed Rapuano?

Steve Sax said...

True true. Maybe they'll want to throw them at Mark Hendrickson?

Orel said...

Easier target.