Monday, February 19, 2007

Dodger Pitchers: Please Stay Away from the Dogs

I love my dog. I try to walk and play with him every day. Sure, sometimes we get attacked by other dogs, or I bump my noggin during the occasional roughhousing.

But I can definitely say that during the thousands of hours I've spent with the pup, I've never suffered a leg injury. Which is more than some members of the Dodgers' pitching staff can claim.

From "Notes: New trainer changes things up: Dodgers players to do conditioning before drills this spring" at

Brad Penny did throw off a mound with some of the other starters. Penny did his conditioning on indoor machines, which isn't unusual for him, but the club revealed he suffered a slight knee sprain during the Christmas break. Penny said he was tripped up by his retriever on the grounds of his California home, but he had no discomfort Saturday.

And the L.A. Times reports:

[Brett] Tomko had a minor setback Sunday, stepping in a hole in his front yard and spraining his right ankle while walking his dog. He skipped conditioning exercises and might not throw in bullpen today.

They're dogs, for crying out loud, not African leg-climbing snakes*! And aren't you professional athletes supposed to be, like, not clumsy?

* not an actual animal


Steve Sax said...

At least you didn't write that the Dodgers pitchers are going to the dogs.

Orel said...

They're too busy falling down to do that.