Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Selig Advocates Performance Enhancement

In late January, this would have merited a story. With the advent of spring training, the news that MLB is moving from all-wool caps to new polyester blend caps doesn't seem to merit coverage. Sure, the new caps will wick away sweat from a player's face like a squeegee. But why is this a story?

Maybe it's in the way the office of our fearless and clueless commissioner Bud Selig describes the move (according to

The change is part of commissioner Bud Selig's focus on boosting player performance, a Major League Baseball official said, and follows a general trend toward moisture-managing "performance" materials in sports apparel.

Bud Selig, interested in "boosting player performance." George Mitchell and Barry Bonds, take note.

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Anonymous said...

I can't begin to express how happy I am that the wool hat is finally gone! How many times have I bought a wool cap that never fit quite right? Countless times! You have to buy the wool hat a size or two larger because they will inevitably shrink, and even then, they will shrink some more! They were and are a waste of money! I have my Dodgers' wool cap collection... at least seven caps... that no longer fit my head after only a few months of use, and I'm not doing steriods!

It's about time that New ERA enter the 21st Century with a polyester blend cap. All my other poly-blend caps wash well, last much longer and fit like nothing else. Some caps I've owned for three years or more and still hold their shape and best of all, they don't stink like wet wool caps do!

Did I mention how happy I am about this? : ) I'm definitely buying the new baseball cap!

Go Dodgers!
Go New ERA's Poly-Blend Baseball Caps!!

Steve Sax said...

Nice to see that the New Era Cap company reads SoSG!

Except you forgot to say "available at fine retailers everywhere."

Anonymous said...

Nope... I just really hate the wool caps. Did I manage to convey that?

I just find corresponding as anonymous much easier. I'm on Inside the Dodgers blog. You'll find the same post there.

Orel said...

Wow, such cap passion. (Capassion?)

Steve Sax said...

Did we mention the fabulous prizes awarded to Comment of the Week winners? (Anonymous posters are not eligible.) If that's not incentive, I don't know what is.