Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dayn Dubs Dodgers' Depth

Dayn Perry over at may be crazy, but at least he's covering the Dodgers. In his top 10 spring training battles, the Dodgers' right field battle slots in at #6 (no other NL or AL West team is mentioned):

6. Dodgers right fielder
The Contenders: Andre Ethier, Marlon Anderson, Matt Kemp
The Favorite: Ethier
The departure of J.D. Drew has, of course, left a void in right field. Andre Ethier enters camp as the favorite, but his second-half slump in 2006 means that he'll be on a reasonably short leash. In all likelihood, the Dodgers will wind up platooning Ethier, the lefty, with Matt Kemp, who bats right-handed. Should Ethier struggle badly in Florida, then Marlon Anderson will likely step in as the left-handed half of the platoon.

Hey, as long as any of the three of those candidates dives for a ball every once in a while, it will be an improvement over Drew and Shawn Green. And let's not forget Marlon Anderson's incredible performance after joining the Dodgers late last season.