Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Most Exciting Showdown of February

Except for Mariano kvetching about his missing playmate Bernie Williams, Daytona drivers illegally adding Flux Capacitors to their engines, and everyone sitting out the All Star Game to rest their manginas, there's not much excitement this week in the world of Sports. Unless you follow THE IVY LEAGUE.

Every year, power house schools like Dartmouth, Brown, and that-school-in-Boston-which-nobody-admits-to- attending- unless-you-ask-them-so-they-can-smugly-say-"Harvard" square off for the coveted Ivy League title. 99 percent of the time, West Philly stalwart the University of Pennsylvania (aka not Penn St) wins the crown, or give the separatists of Princeton a bone and let them take home a pity championship. But this year, Cornell and Yale are fighting tooth and nail with Penn for the honor of losing in the Big Dance's first round. Only one game separates these three US News and World Report ranked schools.

Some of these Ivy Warriors are even putting up "real athlete" stats. Sophomore sensation Adam Gore is sinking 20 points a game for those normally morose Ithaca lads - five points more than Greg Oden! Given, he's not pulling down ten boards a game, but let's see how Mr. Oden does in macro-economics. Over in New Haven, Eric Flato's dropping 15 PPG, all the more crucial since their professors haven't got to rebounding in Bio-Medical Engineering. But Penn's 1-2 punch of Mark Zoller and Ibrahim Jabeer (a combined 33 PPG and 12 Rebounds) should send the boys from Philly to another 15 point first round blowout. Sadly, unless you get ESPN7997, you might not be able to watch these games. (While the Celtics and Flyers air EVERYWHERE). Luckily,'s summaries of these games are the most informative thirty words you'll ever read.


Steve Sax said...

And we at SoSG aren't just mentioning this because our staff represents at least three Ivy League degrees.

Though the same group represents at least three Pac-10 degrees, too.