Saturday, February 24, 2007

Repko Repaired; Beimel Backlashless

From "Repko off and running — pain free: Speedy outfielder hopes injury-plagued days are behind him after successful foot surgery" from the L.A. Times:

VERO BEACH, Fla. — Like every player in camp except pitcher Yhency Brazoban, outfielder Jason Repko is running through drills without restrictions. This is especially encouraging for the Dodgers because running is something Repko does particularly well and it's something he was unable to do most of last season.

The right ankle injury he suffered May 9 when he ran into the outfield wall at Dodger Stadium has completely healed and he also believes the planter fascia in his left foot that plagued him for three years is cured.

Also, an update on fallout from Waterglassgate:

There has been no backlash against pitcher Joe Beimel, who cut his hand on a glass in a bar before the playoff series against the New York Mets and was unable to play.

Even pitcher Brett Tomko, who had the harshest comments about Beimel at the time, has no hard feelings.

"It's way behind us," Tomko said. "He has apologized, the team re-signed him, so there is obviously no problem there, and as players, we turn the page and all pull together."

Yes, we turn the page and all pull together, playing together as a team and taking it one game at a time. No problem there.