Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Saito Chat Wrap: What He's Really Saying just posted the transcript of Takashi Saito's latest chat with fans. Because all questions went through Scott Akasaki, team travel manager, for interpretation, there was a lot that was left off the official transcript. SoSG has thoughtfully pulled some of the highlights of the chat for its loyal readers (Saito's thoughts in non-italicized font):

bluein07: Hey, Saito. Are you going to have the club play a song when you emerge from the bullpen?

Saito: I haven't decided on a song yet, but if the fans want to suggest any songs that might be appropriate, I would be open to hearing what they have to say. Great, we're only four questions into this chat, and the fans are already looking for me to replace Eric Gagne and his "Welcome to the Jungle." If you must know, I'm debating between Madonna's "Cherish" and DeBarge's "The Rhythm of the Night." And by the way, I don't care how cute that little robot was, "Who's Johnny" sucked and El DeBarge should never have left the rest of his family for his solo career.

amboy: What are your thoughts about Barry Bonds, and how would you approach him if he was on the verge of breaking the record?

Saito: First off, I would listen to what the coaching staff has to say about how they want to pitch him and that would depend largely upon the game situation. If it's just me on my own, having to decide how to pitch to Bonds, my best pitches are fastball and slider and I wouldn't change how I approach other hitters. I would pitch to my strengths and not diverge from what has gotten hitters out in the past. Those guys over at SoSG are right, though, I'm gonna bean Bonds right in his head, the only part of his body that isn't protected by armor. And it's not like it's hard to miss that noggin.

bluebleeder1977: I read last year that you wear different kind of socks, what kind are they?

Saito: I wear socks that resemble gloves in that each toe goes into a different sleeve of the sock. It started way back in Japan for me. I feel very comfortable in the socks and I think it has something to do with the transfer of power that I get from my legs, starting way at the bottom in my toes, through my delivery. Also, I don't wear those socks when I go out, only when I play baseball. Back in Japan, they called me "Stinky Feet." But thanks for asking, bluebleeder, without mentioning my bunion issues.

iloveraffy: Who is the funniest guy on the team?

Saito: I think Brad Penny is the funniest guy on the team. And if I don't say that, he'll bite my head off, Grady Little-style.

boysnblue5: I've noticed that you and Nomar Garciaparra have a special handshake after each Dodger win -- what is that about?

Saito: Nomar and I have a special bond. Last year, when I came from Los Angeles to Florida, we rode on the same plane and when we got to baggage claim, he got me a luggage cart. For him to get a luggage cart for someone he didn't even know, speaks to what type of person Nomar is. Nomar's the type of guy who doesn't like to carry his own luggage! So now, I carry Nomar's luggage around. It's kind of a pain on the road since I have that extra bag to carry all my special socks, but hey, the cart was free.

Arigato, Kyoto! I'm here all week.


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