Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Penny for Your Thoughts: I'd Rather Be Fishing

LA Times coverage of the Brad Penny trade talk helped minimize the rumors by focusing on his new girlish figure and recreational hobbies,

"Brad Penny was too busy reeling in marlin off the coast of Mexico -- eight in all, he said -- to worry about his tenuous status as trade bait. He was having too much fun tooling around Paris and Madrid to be concerned about getting dealt to Toronto or St. Louis. The Dodgers' burly right-hander reported to camp 10 pounds lighter. And he shed any hard feelings he might have developed when his name continually came up in off-season trade talks."

... "I was either hunting or fishing or traveling, so I didn't hear much of it," he said. "My parents would tell me that my name was coming up in this trade rumor or that one, but to me it wasn't something to worry about."

I'd use some kind of fishing metaphor about trade bait, but instead will just hold off on buying a Brad Penny Dodger bobblehead (a former kiss of death for Alomar and Alfonzo). If Brad Penny's not worried about having to take his recent 5.98 ERA (July - September) to another team, then I won't either. Just glad all the Halibut and Mrs Paul's is keeping Brad at his fighting weight.


Orel said...

Don't forget frolicking with his dog:

Penny did his conditioning on indoor machines, which isn't unusual for him, but the club revealed he suffered a slight knee sprain during the Christmas break. Penny said he was tripped up by his retriever on the grounds of his California home, but he had no discomfort Saturday.