Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Marlon Anderson, First Injured Dodger of 2007

Oh man, here they come. Marlon Anderson was held out of today's intrasquad game due to pain in his right elbow. Let the parade of injuries begin.

The Dodgers came one day from getting through February without an injury. Then utility player Marlon Anderson took a batting practice swing before a 4 1/2-inning intrasquad game and felt pain in his right elbow. He was held out of the game and won't play until the pain subsides.

Anderson, a nine-year veteran who helped the Dodgers to the playoffs with a sensational September, is a lock to make the roster. Yet he was trying to play through the pain without letting anyone know the way a rookie might.

"We had to remind Marlon that [tomorrow] is March 1 and not May 1," Manager Grady Little said. "We won't push him too much."

In other news, unlike Anderson, veteran Luis Gonzalez did make today's intrasquad game, only to be hit on the wrist by a pitch from Mike Megrew. Gonzalez claimed he was okay.

One intrasquad game, two injuries. But did I mention the Dodgers won?


Lasorda said...

Wow! 2 Jaguars hit on the same day? Normally, I'd ask "what are the odds."