Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stanford, Condescending in the Same Sentence?

Welcome to higher education day at SoSG!

From "Playing nice: Yankees' Mussina, Pavano make peace" (AP/

[Carl] Pavano said he initiated the meeting with [Mike] Mussina, an erudite Stanford graduate who sometimes in the setting of a baseball clubhouse can come off as condescending.

Maybe the learned ("It's pronounced 'learned,' Pepe") Mussina would be able to correct the grammar in Jeff Gordon's response to a rules infraction:

Gordon agreed the penalty fit the crime. "I'm disappointed in ourselves," he said. "We had a failure, which is our responsibility. And those are the types of things that are going to prevent us from winning races and championships."

It's "disappointed in we," Jeff.


Steve Sax said...

Carl Pavano, 61-64 lifetime.

Mike Mussina, 239-134 lifetime.

It's easy for Pavano to feel inferior.

Go Cardinal!