Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bonds: Go Ahead, Investigate Me. Grand Jury: Okay, We Will

From "Bonds reports for first spring workout" (AP/ESPN.com):

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Barry Bonds had a pointed message for the grand jury: Go ahead, investigate me.

After arriving at spring training Tuesday, more fit than in recent years following a productive winter of conditioning, the slugger insisted he's unfazed by all his off-the-field issues and is ready to resume his pursuit of the home run record.

"Let them investigate. Let them, they've been doing it this long," Bonds said Tuesday after his first workout this year with the San Francisco Giants. "It doesn't weigh on me at all -- at all. It's just you guys talking. It's just media conversation."

Bonds also said we were wrong about this and this, and that it was all our fault:

"I did not blame Mark Sweeney," Bonds said Tuesday, noting he apologized only "because you guys just started talking about it and I just thought it was unfair for him to be accused of something that wasn't true."

Asked if he had failed an amphetamines test, Bonds declined to comment. Also, he denied reports that he wasn't always available to pinch-hit last season.

"That's not true at all," said Bonds, who has language about behavior in his new contract. "I'm always available. I'm in uniform, so I'm always available."

As far as Bonds is concerned, all that is over with.

"I don't need to say anything to anybody," he said.

...as he ended his 12-minute interview.

But I need more Barry! Say, when does Season Two of Bonds on Bonds start?


Steve Sax said...

You know, the label with the most tags to date on SoSG is Barry Bonds.