Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dodgers 2008 Right Field Solution?

Yes, there are three fine candidates who will be battling it out for the Dodgers' right field this 2007 season. And it's not like I'm an Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp, or Marlon Anderson hater.

But I've gotta admit I found today's article intriguing, given that Ichiro is open to free agency:

Suzuki's $44 million, four-year deal ends this fall. This is the first time in his professional life with Seattle and with Orix in Japan that he is playing the final season of a contract.

"I've played 15 years of professional baseball, and I have never filed for free agency. I have never had the choice, to choose for myself which road I want to take," Suzuki said through interpreter Ken Barron during a 25-minute session with English-language media, after a lengthy session with Japanese reporters.

"So if you ask me is it possible that I will go to free agency, yes, it is possible."

"But if you ask me what are my feelings toward it, at this point I cannot express it. I am not even sure myself. But what I can say is my mind is full of having the best season possible."

Granted, the last thing we need is yet another leadoff hitter. But given that Gonzalez's production is in question over in left field, wouldn't Ichiro be a good pickup?


Orel said...

Ichiro rocks, but remember the Dodgers need power more than Enron-era California did.