Thursday, February 22, 2007

JD Drew Is Feeling Fine (Yeah, Right)

JD Drew reported to Red Sox camp and says everything with his shoulder is wonderful. Uh-huh. Sure.

J.D. Drew has no complaints about Boston adding conditions to his contract to protect the team in case he re-injures his shoulder. The club's new right fielder is confident the Red Sox have nothing to worry about.

"Completely normal," Drew said about the delay in finalizing the deal. "I was under a complete understanding that the deal was a done deal. They just wanted to get some wording in to protect them and I was fine with that. I went about my business as usual."

He said he got another opinion on his shoulder from doctors and it feels "great" now.

"Everything feels wonderful. I've been throwing, hitting, doing all things I need to be doing to get ready to be here," he said....

I think the little things that people don't understand is the way I prepare myself to play the game," he said. "I've been taught basically from my college days to play the game on an even keel and play the game focused and fundamentally correct.

"I think sometimes that's perceived the wrong way."

You think? Pay no attention to that shoulder behind the (lead-lined x-ray) curtain.