Monday, February 26, 2007

ESPN Scrutinizes Asians

Damon: Curly is funny.
Andy: What do you mean, curly is funny?
Damon: Curly hair is funny. Harpo Marx, Leo Sayer....
Andy: I can name you loads of people with curly hair that aren't funny. Starsky from "Starsky and Hutch." Jim Morrison.
Keith: Blacks.
Andy: Don't say "blacks."
Keith: What shall I say?
Andy: Say "black people."


...which reminds me that as much social progress as the Dodgers have made on the field, their "Asian Operations department" isn't batting 1.000 (although they've eschewed the sometimes troublesome hyphenation in their Asian American theme nights).

While the Dodgers have held Japanese American Community Night (2004 guests included Wally Kaname Yonamine (the first American to play post-WWII professional baseball in Japan) and Don Newcombe (Yonamine's Chunichi Dragons teammate in 1962)) and Korean American Community Night (2003 guests included Colonel Young Oak Kim (the first Asian American to command a U.S. battalion) and Judge Tammy Chung Ryu (California's first Korean American female judge)), guess who threw out the first pitch at 2004's Chinese American Community Night?

That's right, WILLIAM FREAKIN' HUNG. The embodiment of so many stereotypes he makes Stepin Fetchit look like Denzel Washington. Excellent job, guys.

Hung: AP photo/Danny Moloshok


Steve Sax said...

Hung's middle name is also pronounced "Freagin'".