Sunday, February 18, 2007

Burning Questions

From "Burning questions: NL West" by Dayn Perry:

1. Will Barry Bonds catch Hank Aaron?

2. Are Arizona's young hitters ready to shoulder the load?

3. Do the Dodgers have the best rotation in the National League?

4. What will baseball on Planet Coors be like without the humidor?

5. Will Jake Peavy bounce back?

6. Does Randy Johnson have anything left?

7. Do the Dodgers have enough power?

8. How much will the Padres miss Mike Piazza?

9. Will Troy Tulowitzki be NL Rookie of the Year?

10. Will Matt Cain take the next step?

And the great thing is, Perry doesn't just ask the questions—he answers them! No yes yes hard maybe yes no a little maybe yes.