Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sutton Traded from Braves to Nationals

Well, not really. But it was nice to see in today's Washington Post (you'll have to trust me on this as the link requires registration) that former Dodger and Hall of Famer Don Sutton, who was fired by the Braves in October after 18 years of broadcasting, has been picked up by the Washington Nationals to join Bob Carpenter in the booth.

Sutton beat out disgraced ESPN employee Harold Reynolds for the job. And it turns out Sutton is a movie buff, too:

"I see so many parallels" between the Nationals and the pre-championship era Braves, Sutton said, "starting with [Nationals president Stan Kasten] and his approach. As I've told friends in Washington, I've seen this movie in another place -- and it has a happy ending."

I'm assuming he's not referring to Deliverance (filmed in the rural areas of Georgia). Maybe Fried Green Tomatoes (also filmed in Atlanta)?