Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh, Guo Up

I enjoyed this exchange over at Dodger Thoughts, especially the snarky capper:

Take a look at Guo's rate stats as a starter last year. It was only for one month, but they were high leverage games and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone on any team with any better numbers for the same stretch of games.

By now everyone understands your point about Hong Chih Kuo. Intentionally and repeatedly misspelling a grown man's name seems to be an 8 in addition to being disrespectful and paternalistic to the guy you are trying to "help". In addition, it is being disrespectful to the audience of this blog to be repeatedly forcedfed Xeifrank's pronunciation lesson. It comes off as only you know what the guy's real name is and how everyone else is mis or ill informed and needs to be repeatedly reminded. It comes off very holier than thou after the 100th time or so.

If Kuo's name is indeed misspelled he'll correct it if and when he feels like it. He may not want to and he may have good reasons for not doing so. It's up to him, not you. Doing so for him seems extremely presumptuous in addition to being disrespectful. Until then, how about we respect the guy's humanity and intelligence and leave his name as it's officially reported and keep phonetic pronunciation lessons off of DT?

The letters K and G are interchangeable when transliterating Chinese (and Taiwanese should one desire to make that distinction) words, so I assume that Kuo = Guo would actually be more OK than not.

Greg Brock
If Xeifrank wants to use Guo instead of Kuo, I don't see what the problem is. Because he did, I found out that the K and G are interchangeable...And knowledge is power!

So is gnowledke!


Anonymous said...

Fax it in! When he sends a fax he will be Kuofax!

Orel said...

"Kuofax" is sweet. Now if we could only get Vin to start using it....

Steve Sax said...

Yetijuice, well done.

Vin could actually read off Hong-Chih's stats, and call them "Kuo-facts."

Orel said...


Anonymous said...

Ugh! That is what Hershiser said when he became an Indian!

Steve Sax said...


Anonymous said...

DodgerHobbit stoops to a new all-time low.
vr, Xei