Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Show Me the Meaning of Being Loney

"Quit playing games with my heart."

Oh yeah, a Backstreet Boys reference at SoSG!

Ken Gurnick's article at today puts James Loney firmly as the backup for Nomar Garciaparra at first base, as Nomar will almost certainly be the starter at first. Loney has incredible potential, who in 48 games last year batted .284, slugged .559, and had four homers and 18 RBI. Loney also went 3-for-4 in the playoffs. Though it is likely that he'll see some playing time with Nomar ahead of him, it is a bit depressing that, given the uncertainty over at the other corner infield position, there aren't other options available.

Nomar is deserving of a starting role, no doubt. But I was hoping that Grady Little would at least be open to Nomar playing third if Wilson Betemit struggled and prospect Andy LaRoche (another Dodger with lots of potential) wasn't ready yet. The downside of that, though, is that Nomar at third would leave him open to more injuries.

So it looks like, for now, Loney is the odd man out. We'll see how spring training goes.


Orel said...

Loney, who "has the fluid actions of a natural around first base," has shown he can play his way into the lineup. I'm confident he'll do so again in 2007.

Steve Sax said...

Garciaparra also has fluid actions at first. Unfortunately, it's in the fluid behind his knee.

Thank you Des Moines! Good night!

Orel said...

Hey, I already made an urn joke.

Steve Sax said...

I never noticed this until now, but doesn't that look like Oogie Boogie from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas smack dab in the middle of the single cover?

It looks like Oogie is hanging out near the legs of the second and third Backstreet Boys. Weird.

Orel said...

Um, what are you doing looking at the legs of the Backstreet Boys?