Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ortiz Rejoins Giants

Sorry, wrong Ortiz.

From "Ortiz gets another shot in San Francisco: Back where he began his career, veteran signs one-year deal" at

SAN FRANCISCO -- It's been a long road back to where he began for former Giants ace Russ Ortiz.

Ortiz -- a double-digit winner for four seasons in San Francisco, whose stats and pitching velocity had tumbled dramatically over the past two seasons with other clubs -- has rejoined the Giants after signing a one-year contract.

"It's been humbling," said the 32-year-old Ortiz on Tuesday.

The veteran struggled in 2006 with an 0-8 record and a 8.14 ERA for Baltimore and Arizona, but he showed renewed power and accuracy during recent Winter League play in Puerto Rico.

The article doesn't mention how much the Giants are paying Ortiz, but don't worry for Russ—the Diamondbacks will be paying off his $33 million contract through 2008.

UPDATE: $380,000—league minimum.


Steve Sax said...

You know, Tito may be a better guy on the mound than Russ. At least he would eat less food at the pre-game spread, as well as bring in more crowds (who want to hobnob with his girlfriend).