Friday, January 12, 2007

The Olmedo Saenz Pavilion Deadpool Is Now Open

My original reaction to the Sax-dubbed "Olmedo Saenz Pavilion":

This program, like J.D. Drew, won't last the season.

Now Andrew at True Blue L.A. ups the ante, actually predicting a date of demise for the program:

I'm thinking that the Olmedo Saenz pavilion won't last past the end of May.

So we're making it a contest, folks. Following the tradition of the late Think Blue rewards program, how long will the latest creation of Drew McCourt, Director of Marketing for the Los Angeles Dodgers, last?

Enter your guess (month and day) in the comments section and we'll keep a running tab. Winner is the closest to the date of officially announced death, regardless of over/under.

As for a prize, we'll think of something. 400 Dodger Dogs?

  • Andrew (True Blue L.A.): May 31
  • LAT (Dodger Thoughts): June 15
  • Lasorda (SoSG): June 30
  • cigarcow: July 17
  • Orel (SoSG): July 31
  • Robert (Trolley Dodger): season's end

UPDATE: For you literalists, I'm not actually going to buy 400 Dodger Dogs, even for just $40.


Anonymous said...

Are we talking grilled or ungrilled?

And I'm going to say it'll last all the way to the end of the season.

Orel said...

Are we talking regular season or post-season?

I'd better add a disclaimer about those hot dogs.

cigarcow said...

Hahaha, Olmedo Saenz Pavilion!

I say it'll last until right around all star break-ish time. I'm going with July 17.

Lasorda said...

It's only going to take the first food fight to make the McCourts realize that this is just silly. I'll go with June 30. . .

Lasorda said...

By the way, where'd you get that photo of Tony Gwynn eating?

Orel said...

That's harsh. But true!

Steve Sax said...

Many people have predicted the hot dogs will become projectiles at the opposing team's right fielder (too bad Barry is in left, or I might have gone for it when the Giants are in town).

But what about hoarding dogs and then either (a) selling them in the parking lot after the game, or (b) throwing them at other cars and opposing fans as you exit the stadium? The possibilities for mayhem don't stop at the pavilion door.

Good times.

Orel said...

Is the OSP all-you-can-eat only? If not, what's preventing one person from distributing hot dogs to everybody?

Steve Sax said...

As far as I can tell it's all you can eat ONLY. $40 and you're in, otherwise, you're out.

I can't wait to see people lofting Dodger dogs over the visitors' bullpen to their friends in section 158. "Whoops, sorry about that, Trevor Hoffman!"

Orel said...

"Have a Hoffy, Hoffy!"