Friday, January 12, 2007

ESPN the Magazine Shouts Out to "Puzzle Athletes"

This news is a little old, but given today's kickoff of the 2007 MIT Mystery Hunt, I thought now was a good time to post this. (Thanks to Thomas Snyder aka "Motris" for the scan.)

The January 1 issue of ESPN the Rag Mag has a photo collage of some of the athletic champions in 2006. And down in the right-hand corner, right above Vince Young hosting the national championship trophy from last year's thrilling Rose Bowl, they honor Team USA of the World Puzzle Championship.


I'll confess that I'm a puzzle guy. I like puzzles, and have participated a reasonable amount of times in The Game, which has its roots at Stanford.

But I have to admit it's a bit of stretch to include these guys in ESPN the Magazine. Perhaps no more of a stretch than that ill-advised "Baseball Sudoku" series (and book) that they carried for a while, but a stretch nonetheless.

We can get further into the "sport / not a sport" debate later on (ice skating and bowling come to mind), but I think puzzle-solving falls under the latter.


Orel said...

"Nine boxes in a sudoku grid, nine players on a baseball field, it's a no-brainer for baseball sudoku!"

Lasorda said...

Dork alert!

Orel said...

Ooh! Where?

Steve Sax said...

Almost all the way through the long weekend, and no one has solved the sudoku. Very disappointing.

Orel said...