Monday, January 01, 2007

A Nation Drools

"Dude, check out Vida Guerra's back end."

From "15 questions for 2007" by Mark Newman at

What is the biggest sight to behold in 2007?
It should be visible right off the bat, in the second week of the season. Boston opens its home schedule with an April 10-12 series against Seattle, and that means that the first pitch in one of those games will be from Daisuke Matsuzaka ($51 million posting fee) to Ichiro Suzuki (No. 51). With an overflow media contingent from Japan expected, it will be a mega-matchup of the two stars who led Japan to the World Baseball Classic title in 2005. The Matsuzaka scrutiny will be well under way by that point, because the Red Sox, who invested a total of $103.1 million in a player who never has thrown a Major League pitch, actually begin the season at Kansas City and Texas.

So be sure to mark April 13 on your calendar as the date we stop hearing about what will certainly be an overhyped matchup.

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