Thursday, January 11, 2007

Don't Back Away from Bonds, Brian Sabean

Hot on the heels of the latest bombshell of his failed drug test, Barry Bonds remains a man without a signed contract, desperately trying to get his posse in the clubhouse with him. With the Giants' $16-20M overpayment not yet inked, the Giants have the benefit of seeing the circus in full parade form.

[Sons of Steve Garvey, by the way, is proud to have been quoted on today on this very issue. Way to go, Orel.]

The Bonds fiascoes have led Ken Rosenthal over at to suggest that Brian Sabean back away from Bonds all together:

If the Giants had any guts, they would back out of their preliminary agreement with Bonds, throw a farewell party for his sycophants and acquire two lesser players to share left field. The Bonds contract isn't final; the Giants could just say that the differences over the language were too much to overcome.

On behalf of Dodger fans everywhere, I implore you, Brian Sabean, to go ahead and finalize the Bonds deal. Let your poor, misunderstood, and under-appreciated player bring his close friends, colleagues, and steroid-toting agents into the locker room; after all, there is plenty of room in the wing occupied by Barry's three lockers and custom recliner (and it's not like any other team members enjoy hanging out with Barry in the first place). Forget your thoughts of adding any indictment clause, which would be legally unenforcable anyway. $16-20M was a fair and just amount to pay for this slugger, given the fierce bidding war that existed at the Winter Meetings. Please, please bring Barry back to the Giants.

What's the worst that can happen?


Orel said...

From Scott Miller at CBS SportsLine: "But the Giants have not yet finished the contracts for outfielder Dave Roberts and infielder Rich Aurilia, either. There seems to be a backlog of paperwork in China Basin."

Steve Sax said...

I hear the Dave Roberts posse and Rich Aurilia groupies are out of control.