Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dodgers Introduce "Olmedo Saenz Pavilion" in Right Field

"Better get a bucket."

With the death of the ill-conceived Dodgers Rewards program, I thought Drew McCourt and his ridiculous "marketing" ideas were finally put to pasture--but now this news: a change for the right field pavilion to become an all-you-can-eat pavilion for 2007. For the low price of $40, fans can sit in the right field pavilion and gorge themselves on hot dogs, peanuts, and soda. To the Dodgers' credit, beer is not included in the deal, as beer has not been sold in the pavilion for some time now.

But the credit stops there, as it is obviously more important to the McCourts to promote gluttony than offer inexpensive options for fans and families to come see the Dodgers. America's national obesity epidemic aside, turning the right field pavilion into a Carnival cruise ship dining hall is no more than the McCourts' plan to raise ticket prices even further, from $10/seat to $40/seat.

And while everyone is distracted by the sight of a pavilion full of fatties, the McCourts went ahead and raised the price of the top-deck seats to $10 from $6. Now, if you want to see the Dodgers, it is going to cost you at least $10 to get in the stadium.

What is this ticket price hike for, Frank? Wider turnstile aisles (because we'll need them)?

Instead of fattening people up for the slaughter, why not improve the quality or variety of the food available in the stadium?

Or stop trying to convince us that Panda Express "is Chinese for yummy", when it's actually neither (it's in English, and it's disgusting).

Or how about you make good on your pledge to reduce the length of the interminable-wait (note: I did not say "interminable weight) concession lines?


Orel said...

An "all-you-can-eat pavilion"? What if I don't like the taste of pavilions?

This program, like J.D. Drew, won't last the season. But the Dodgers should do some earthquake retrofitting on that section anyway.

Anonymous said...

does he $40 ticket come with an option for angioplasty?

Orel said...

For that you have to attend Angioplasty Night, Brought to You by Carl's Jr.