Thursday, January 04, 2007

Barry Bonds and the Brain-Deteriorating Impact of Steroids

ESPN reports this morning that the official signing of Barry Bonds to the Giants, now almost one month since they agreed to terms, is "delayed due to 'complicated language'."

Perhaps all those years of the cream and the clear have detracted from Barry's ability to comprehend multi-syllabic words? (His body proportions, including the swollen head, do exhibit neanderthal features.)

Or maybe Bonds just wants the same "suite for all road games" clause that Barry Zito got.

Or perhaps the Giants just realized that $16-20M is a lot to pay for a man behind bars for perjury?


Orel said...

"Deteriorating" and "neanderthal" are awfully complicated words to use on a blog.

Steve Sax said...

Hey man, Mephistopheles is not my name.

[And as for your post,] I know what you're up to, just the same.