Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Road Trip Coda: My Loot From Kansas City and St. Louis

Sorry, I'm a little slammed this morning coming back from the holiday weekend. But here's a quick coda to the last road trip I just took.

Let me set the context: I already have too much stuff. Waaaaaay too much stuff. So the last thing I need is even more memorabilia from a trip I've taken, representing teams I don't even follow. However, I did indulge in getting a t-shirt at each of the stadia I attended last month on the KC-STL roadtrip.

This is not to say that I don't have too many t-shirts. I have plenty of those, too. And the challenge in picking out a competing MLB team's t-shirt is finding one that shows appreciation for the team and experience of visiting the stadium, without trumping any love of the hometown Dodgers (whose t-shirts I also have in abundant...no, excessive amounts).

But these two t-shirts were pretty damn sweet. I couldn't resist!

So here we go. In Kansas City, as I wrote earlier, I was struck by the Royals Hall of Fame out in left field. They had a big part of the exhibit dedicated to the phenomenon that was Bo Jackson, and how game-changing he was not only for Kansas City and the Royals organization, but also for baseball. Jackson brought a level of excitement that transcended the boundaries of the game.

And so, I bought a cool retro Nike Bo Jackson shirt:

In St. Louis, it was hard not to see red in Busch Stadium, as that was what everyone was wearing. But with the Dodgers having pulled out a ninth-inning victory, and the St. Louis PR department being so kind with the field and press box access, the least I could do is buy a shirt, right? So I got this retro shirt from Red Jacket:

Red Jacket Clothing also has some sweet Dodgers shirts in its catalog, and most of the shirts have a retro flair. There are also some cool Yomuri Giants shirts on there, among other teams. Take a look.

One thing that has been funny is that, over the weekend, I was wearing the Cardinals t-shirt, and I had a little kid ask me why there was a chicken on my shirt. I suppose it does look a little bit like a chicken.

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Kyle Baker said...

It's funny that they put "OF DH" on there so you could not forget what positions he played.

Steve Sax said...

But it's like a baseball card, right?