Monday, September 26, 2011

Steve Dilbeck Relates an Awesome Vin Story

From "Magic of Vin Scully never takes a night off, on the air or not" by Steve Dilbeck at Dodgers Blog:

"One year we’re in Chicago to play the Cubs, and for some reason, we’re not broadcasting the game. And Tommy asks me if I’ve ever sat in the dugout for a game. I tell him 'no' and he says, 'You have to try it.'

"I said as long as it’s cleared by the umpires beforehand. I don’t want them throwing me out. So I put on a uniform –- spring training tryout No. 76, but not for Union –- and wait until almost before the game starts and walk through the Wrigley hallway, sit on the dugout and pull my cap down all the way to my eyes. I don’t want anyone to even notice me.

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Pistol Pete Reiser said...

That's pretty damned funny.