Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Most Surprising Part of the Charlie Sheen Roast

Besides having even one second which found both Steve O and Charlie Sheen actually sober, was one producer's name which should be familiar to the SoSG faithful.

I did some digging, and apparently the former Dodger-Met-Rockie-Yankee-Expo-Ranger-Marlin-Cub-Blue Jay-Oriole-Phillie-Cardinal is BFF's with Mr. Sheen.

- Charlie Sheen was quoted as saying "Todd Zeile is a Gnarls Gnarlington"

- Zeile was in fact one of three sports figures who Sheen deemed worthy of the Gnarls Gnarlington tag in fact. The other two? Mark Cuban and Reggie Jackson

- Mr. Zeile appeared in the movie ZOOKEEPER.

- Todd Zeile runs a production company, which released the movie Dirty Deeds. Though it only made $1.3 thousand dollars opening weekend, the movie does have a legit cast (including Lacey Chabert and Mr. Zeile himself)

I've always had a soft spot for Zeile, especially when he got a home run in his final at-bat. (A rare feat indeed - which Ted Williams' frozen head can also brag about doing.)

Good to see Zeile's doing better than Charlie Sheen's beloved Vatican assassin, Lenny Dykstra.


Pistol Pete Reiser said...

Our friends at Urban Dictionary come to the rescue:

Gnarls Gnarlington
Some mythical guy Charlie Sheen refers to when attempting to approvingly describe someone. Probable reference to the word "gnarly" ("balls out danger" sense).
"Todd Zeile is a Gnarls Gnarlington," Sheen said not long after ranting about people who wished they were him for eternity (Dr. Drew and Nancy Grace apparently on that list) and people he wished he was for ten minutes (Colin Farrell, Sean Penn).