Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Things More Star Wars Than Dodgers Star Wars Night

It was nice to see a game with my eldest offspring (Age 3). And get in some QT with the family Sax.

But somehow, the promises of Star Wars night left all us Bib Fortuna fans a little unsatisfied.

Worst. Use. Of. Theme. Ever.

And somehow, the promises of an opening pitch by Jek Porkins was unrealized.


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

DelinO was so disappointed that he bent his Wookiee in frustration.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

DelinO II might have, actually. Chewie hasn't been seen since.

How do you tell a 3-year-old that there will be no Darth Vader.

Breaks the heart.

DodgersKingsoftheGalaxy said...

And i also have a thing for Camden Yards, well teams with underrated ballparks in general, underdogs that i can root for in the AL when my team stinks or when they play the AL East teams. Target Field is a new favorite.

Cliff Beefpile said...

Why the hell doesn't it make sense that Darth Vader would drink tasty, Brita-filtered water?

And thank you for introducing me to the vid of Porkins trying to pilot his x-wing while eating a burger. That was a good laugh.