Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wanted: SoSG Sleuths

SoSG reader Kerry W. piped in with this question, and I'll leave it to you sleuths to try and help Kerry out:

I was reading Jon Weisman’s column from ESPN and something struck me as odd. On this date – Len Barker was the starting P for the Braves and the starting LF and batting leadoff, was Brett Butler.

Now, as a lifelong Dodger fan – this was an incredible game and I hated when they traded RJ Reynolds for Bill Madlock in ’85 (different story).

But, Brett Butler (along with Brooke Jacoby and Rick Behenna) were traded for Len Barker in August of ’83. How could they both be in the same lineup?

Was there a delay in Butler going to Cleveland?

I'm caught in meetings all day, so if you all could chime in with some help, that would be great. SoSG Crowdsourcing!


Jeff J. Snider said...

According to Wikipedia:

"In October 1983, Butler was sent to the Cleveland Indians (along with Brook Jacoby and Rick Behenna) to complete a deal in which the Braves had acquired Len Barker for cash toward the end of the 1983 season."

Nostradamus said...

Retrosheet agrees.

Butler was a PTBNL.

The Braves received Barker for 3 PTBNL on Aug 28.

The Indians got Rick Behenna in return on Sept 2.

Butler and Brook Jacoby went to Cleveland on Oct 21.

Neeebs (The Original) said...

Wasnt' Braves' prospect, Raul Reyes, also part of that deal?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Baseball-Reference says that Brett Butler was not sent to Cleveland until October 21 of '83.


spank said...

I'd trade my left nut for Len Barker's pimp 'stache.

spank said...

Conflicting edit. With who?

Josh S. said...

Behenna went on to invent the flaming onion volcano.

rbnlaw said...

And I was going to say a fold in the space/time continuum.