Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Way Too Many SoSG Readers on Giants' Mailing List

Okay, you guys can stop sending us this:

September 26, 2011

Dear Giants Fan,

The best part of every road trip is the moment I sink into my seat on the team plane and say to myself, "We're going home." I know what's waiting for us at AT&T Park: Our reinforcements. Our fans.

I look up at that sea of orange-and-black -- at the Panda and Baby Giraffe hats, the beards, the Timmy wigs, the scarves and towels, the poster board signs that say "Believe!" - and feel as if no one can beat us. The incredible energy generated from 41,000 stomping, cheering, passionate Giants fans is like having a tenth man on the field.

Tonight, the Giants will set a record for the highest single-season attendance in the franchise's 128-year history -- 3,303,000 surpassing the 3,277,244 set in 2001. Tonight also marks the 79th consecutive sell-out of the 2011 season. These attendance milestones simply demonstrate what our players, coaches and front office already know: We have the best and most devoted fans in baseball.

On behalf of everyone at the Giants, thank you.

I am writing not only to thank you, but also to make sure you know that your support makes a difference. Your thunderous cheers for Romo or Wilson or Casilla to get the third out late in a game - they matter. Your rally caps, your "Beat LA" chants, your "Get Well" signs for Buster, your willingness to weather cold nights on Orange Fridays - they all matter. You could have given up on us this season. Wracked by injuries, we've struggled to score runs. But just as you were there during last year's magical World Series season, you're with us still - a show of loyalty that continues to inspire us as coaches and players.

In baseball, the difference between winning and losing can be as slight as a bunt that stays fair instead of rolling foul. A team is always looking for an edge. Opposing players and coaches tell us all the time that AT&T Park gives us an edge. They're right but not completely. It's the not park. It's the people in it.

I look forward to seeing you over these last few days of 2011 and for seasons to come. Thank you for helping us draw out the best in ourselves.


Bruce Bochy
San Francisco Giants Manager


Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Giraffes? WTF?

QuadSevens said...

Tony Romo pitches for the Giants? No wonder he looked so terrible on Sunday.

Josh S. said...

@MLASC Apparently, they call Belt "the baby giraffe." (I had to Google it.)

I would say that was really stupid, but isn't that what we called Loney for a while?

Mr. LA Sports Czar said...

Yeah, but we didn't actually buy stuffed giraffes and bring them to the game.

Steve Sax said...

On the other hand, we did buy a stuffed Uribe and bring him to the game.