Saturday, September 24, 2011

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the BADGE

Like Lost, REM (cries), and Wesley Willis, I came a little late to the Badge Party. While Sax was putting the entire internet at risk to get his 30th page of badges, I nary understood how to get one.

How things have changed. As y'all were witnessing the Dodgers SECOND WIN IN A ROW, DelinO had a much more joyous celebration. When Jason Bartlett got that always elusive SINGLE...

...DelinO reached a plateau most mortals - except you guys - can only dream of. ONE HUNDRED.

Six screens, plus four badges. 100! And life's never been better.



So as my MAC wheezes its last breath due to 12 simultaneous Gamedays, I want to share this milestone with Saxy and all you little Badge-amaniacs out there who've kept the good fight going.


Kyle Baker said...

@Big daddy

Did you see my comment in the GT last night? My badging stopped working at (puts on green visor, calculates using fingers and toes): 211

I know I should have received new badges since then as I've still been playing the game religiously and racking up new player badges. (cries)

At least I wish I had 311 for its musical significance.

Delino DeShields, Sr said...

i guess the system went "down, down"

Kyle Baker said...

Nicely played, Delino!

(drinks Delino's beer)

Kyle Baker said...

Clearly, I haven't learned to stop worrying.