Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Most Dramatic Three Minutes in Baseball History?

RAYS 8, YANKEES 7 (12)

Rays. Nine games back in September. Down to their last strike of the game. Then — Dan Johnson homers!


Red Sox. Needing one more strike to win it. Then — Nolan Reimold RBI double off Jonathan Papelbon! Then — Robert Andino walkoff RBI single! Orioles win!

(three minutes later...)

Rays. 12th inning. 7-7 tie. And — Evan Longoria walkoff homer! Rays win! 2011 AL Wild Card winners! Congrats to Tampa Bay!

1: AP; 2: Greg Fiume/Getty Images


Greg Hao said...


fuck the red sox!

Fernie V said...

That was pretty cool

Steve Sax said...

That was probably the most enjoyable baseball ending I could have experienced tonight (with the exception of Kemp hitting one more HR). Amazing.

Pistol Pete Reiser said...

Kept stealing glances at my iPhone all through my kid's scout meeting... bad parenting? Perhaps. But, it's the last game for our season, so, I'll cut myself some slack.

God, I love this game.

I am soooo looking forward to next year.

Steve Sax said...

Man, I love baseball.

MR.F said...

Congrats Rays!!!

Fernie V said...

Ha, we were all juggling. I was flipping back and forth between games on TV, while watching dodgers on my iPhone.

Kyle Baker said...

Barry Zito was juggling my balls.