Sunday, April 12, 2009

Stults Earns His Keep

A pitching update from Tony Jackson:

Eric Stults is going to stay in the rotation and will pitch again on Thursday against the Giants. James McDonald is going back to the bullpen, although Torre was adamant that this wasn't a reflection of the fact he didn't pitch well on Friday night. It was more about the team's needs, and the team needs another reliever. McDonald has a better track record, admittedly in a small sample size, coming out of the pen than Stults does, and Stults has a better track record starting than McDonald (admittedly a VERY small sample size where McDonald is concerned). What this does for now is leave the Dodgers with a four-man rotation, which will be sufficient to get them through this week.

Elsewhere: Three Cheers For Eric Stults (MSTI)

photo by Jon SooHoo/Dodgers


PenosCabell said...

Good move to keep Stults in the rotation. Although I loved McDonald coming out of the bullpen, I hope this move doesn't hurt his confidence.

Orel said...

Jackson says McDonald may get a start against the Rockies.

Orel said...

Kudos on your disturbing screen name, by the way.

PenosCabell said...


PenosCabell said...

McDonald deserves another shot at a start.

It's funny to hear Vin take a little jab at Pierre's weak arm.

Damon said...

Likewise Oral